TechnoRiver Barcode Font

What is a Barcode Font and how is it different from TechnoRiver's label designer and other products ?

A barcode font is a special font that allows you to create barcodes with normal text characters. This has the advantages of enabling barcode display on a system without needing access to a graphics canvas. Thus it is an useful technology for enabling the display of barcodes in many reporting systems and third party softwares.

Over the years, we have received numerous enquiries on producing barcodes in MS Word using the Mail Merge feature. From our understanding, the ideal solution for this scenario is to use barcode fonts in the Word document with Excel as the Data Source. The worksheet in Excel contains an extra column of formatted barcodes that may be used as the Merge Field for the Word document.

If you need a versatile solution for integration with your enterprise projects, TechnoRiver Barcode Fonts is your obvious choice.

About TechnoRiver Barcode Fonts

TechnoRiver Barcode Fonts is a set of high quality, professional and premium barcode fonts for generating barcodes in your organization. TechnoRiver supports the Code 39 , UPCA/EAN13 , Code 128(A/B/C), I2of5, Modified Plessy and Industrial 2 of 5 barcodes. The package has been designed to meet strict industry specifications, including the latest SUNRISE requirements. Each of the fonts has also been carefully developed and crafted to ensure maximun scannability and readability.

How It Works

To use the barcode fonts in a text display system such as MS Word, MS Publisher, WordPad, PageMaker etc, you may use an application known as TechnoRiver Barcode Font Maker to create a barcode from raw input data. The results can be copied and pasted into the third party applications with ease.



Unicode Compliant - TechnoRiver is a modern font package capable of manipulating text as unicode rather than single byte characters.

.NET Integration - Enable your .NET applications with capabilities to display and print barcode. TechnoRiver Barcode Font provides a DLL that can be included into .Net projects and integrates with them. It contains a collection of text based functions and does not have much dependency on other DLLs. The TechnoRiver DLL generates a special text string from the raw data input, which may then be set with a barcode font to become instantly scannable.

For more details, please visit : Barcode DLL

Barcode in Excel - The generation of barcodes in Excel are achieved with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) functions. These VBAs make it possible to mass generate barcodes in Excel. The results, when stored in an Excel Column, may be used as a data source for Mail Merge in a Microsoft Word document.

For more details, please visit : Excel Barcode

Crystal Reports - TechnoRiver Barcode Font integrates very well with Crystal Reports as it includes many native formulas in clear, concise source code.

For more details, please visit : Barcode in Crystal Reports

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