SmartCodeDrivers (Free)

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SmartCodeDrivers are the next generation high performance printer drivers developed by TechnoRiver. SmartCodeDrivers are True Windows Printer Drivers and are operable with any Windows programs and able to spool to printers connected to your network. Written specifically for thermal label printers, they exploit thermal printing features that are unavailable using conventional Windows drivers.

SmartCodeDrivers Type

  • Type 1 - Normal Drivers

  • Type 2 - Image Caching Drivers
    Allows high performance printing with WYSIWYG behavior.

  • Type 3 - Native Drivers
    Allows high performance printing with native printer capabilities.

Why SmartCodeDrivers?

When combined with TechnoRiverStudio, SmartCodeDrivers unleash the high-speed printing capabilities of thermal printers and optimize label printing performance. The advantages as follows :
  • Print a large number of serialized labels without having to send additional data after the first label.
  • Print labels using the printer's built-in barcodes and fonts using simple text strings commands instead of the software having to send bitmap images.
  • Use of native Printer's Control Language to describe where objects should appear, how they should look and where actual data should be inserted in the specified locations.
  • Cache repeated images at the start of the print job to maximize printing performance and minimize network bandwidth of sending the same image to each label.
  • RFID encoding.

Full Printer Features Support

Other than optimization capabilities, TechnoRiver's SmartCodeDrivers bring out the ease of configuring the thermal printers. Different printer options such as Cutter, Ribbon, Back Feed and Media Adjustments are supported with a windows user interface.

RFID Support

RFID can be thought of simply as a type of electronic bar code. It does not have the requirement of an uninterrupted line-of-sight between the label and the human or machine reader. Using TechnoRiverStudio with SmartCodeDrivers allows extremely high ease of use for RFID. Simply drag and drop an RFID encoding from the unique One-Touch object Toolbox of TechnoRiverStudio.

RFID Encoding Schemes

  • RAW EPC 64/96
  • SGTIN 64/96
  • SSCC 64/96
  • SGLN 64/96
  • GRAI 64/96
  • GIAI 64/96
  • DOD/UID 64/96
  • GID 96
  • ISO 15693
Click here to see the instructions on getting RFID to work on your printer and specific RFID encoding details.


SmartCodeDrivers is released to the public use for Free! Resellers and distributors of TechnoRiverStudio will be able to ship SmartCodeDrivers independently or bundled with TechnoRiverStudio to their customers.

Download SmartCodeDrivers Here!