TechnoRiver MICR Font   2.1
for Check Printing

TechnoRiver MICR Font (TrueType) allows you to print the digits and special characters found at the bottom of a check. The font is based on the E13-B industry standard, which is used in the United States and many countries throughout the world. It consists of the ten numerical digits and four special symbols, as shown below.

The MICR characters are usually printed in magnetic ink using a laser printer. When a check is being decoded, it is passed through a machine known as a MICR Reader, which will read the MICR characters and transmit them to the computer which it is attached.

Organizations authorized to print their own checks will be able to use the font to print their check information automatically.

In addition to the TrueType (.ttf) fonts, version 2.0 adds several font formats like OpenType (.otf), WinType (.pfb) and ASCII (.pfa), which allows it to be used by different printers under different operating systems.


License Details

Using the Font

To use the font, simply install the font TechnoMICRT.ttf by copying it into the /Windows/Fonts directory and select the font name TechnoMICR and set its font size to 14.

Font Name - TechnoMICR (TechnoMICR.ttf),  Size – Fixed at 14 Points

(Note : For the trial version, the font file is TechnoMICRT.ttf and font name is TechnoMICRT)

MICR Characters

Use the following characters on your keyboard to display the MICR characters

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