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Print Only
WYSIWYG Design  
"One-Touch" drag and drop of commonly used  objects including bar codes.  
High Precision On-Screen Display  
Database of Thousands Common Industry Stock Templates  
Customizable Stock Templates database  
Different Metric Measurement System




Grouping/ Multi-Select  
Object Pattern Filling and Gradient  
Rectangular and Circular Label Outline


Full Color Support


Image Graphics  
Vector Graphics  
Rich Text Formatting  
Automatic Stretchable Text


Autofit Text      
Paragraph Support


Circular Text


Numerous 1D Bar Codes



Numerous 2D Bar Codes  


Multipart UCC/EAN  


RFID Support
Create Fixed Data Barcodes    
Create Variable Data Barcodes      
Option to display Start/Stop Characters



UCC/EAN 128 Wizard    
Check Digit Capability    
Advanced Print Preview

Local and Network Printer Support

True Windows Drivers

International Languages Support

Linked Fields      
Linked Field Functions      
Database Management - ODBC, OLE DB, dBase, Access and Excel      
Create Database/Database Fields Editor      
One-Touch Database      
Command Line Automation  
Concurrent Multiple Database support      
ASCII Text Files      
Text File Schema specification      
Print-Time Data Prompt  

Print Process Management
Dynamically add and select database records for printing  

Advanced record filtering  

Print label, name card, letter design
Image Acquisition via Camera or Scanner  
Mail Merging    
Print Existing Design  

(Limited to Standard Edition Features)


(Limited to Community Edition Features)

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*TechnoRiverStudio Print Only Edition can only be used to print a layout created using another Edition of TechnoRiverStudio.