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Comstal Inc.

The Customer

Comstal Inc. is committed to providing public safety and public works departments with the highest quality in standards and efficiency when integrating new electronics and communications equipment in mobile and standing locations.

The Benefits

"SmartCodeStudio has been the total solution when the time came to the inventory and asset tagging of all of our equipment and electronics. Through user friendly software, and the 'counter' feature we were able to create an endless string of barcode serial numbers without having to type them in manually. The valuable 'counter feature' not only increased productivity, it also ensures your barcodes are printed accurately and not duplicated. With the capability to connect to our existing databases, printing barcodes for inventory management has become a breeze. With an extremely short learning curve, our staff and I were able to complete our inventory quickly and efficiently."

The Conclusion

"SmartCodeStudio is definitely the industry-leading label design, barcode and printing software. Thank you TechnoRiver we couldn’t have done it with out you."

Joe Limone
Operations Manager
Comstal Inc