JDV Products Inc.

The Customer

JDV Products Inc. was formerly known as JDV Engineering Company, and started out as a machine shop and specialized in designing small tools and products for the electronic and telecommunication industries. Today, JDV Products is looked upon as the expert in manufacturing wire-wrapping tools based on our 25+ years of experience making wire-wrapping tools for telecom installers, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, and electronics manufacturers. Additionally, JDV Products Inc. is the exclusive North American Distributor for Vessel Co., Inc. from Japan. Vessel Co. is a manufacturer well known for their quality tool making as well as for their ergonomic tool designs.

The Opportunity

Upon acquiring a large contract with a major telecom company, JDV had to implement a barcode solution to accommodate the shipping requirements set under this contract.

The Benefits

"After spending weeks searching and testing many different barcode applications, I found SmartCodeStudio. SmartCodeStudio has enabled JDV Products to launch a powerful, cost-effective barcode solution. Despite having no previous knowledge of barcodes, I was able to quickly design a barcode label that met our customers' requirements, and easily link to an existing database of delivery destinations that I had previously compiled while testing another barcode application."

The Support

"I had a few questions when setting up my barcode and the staff at TechnoRiver has proven their proficiency with quick and extremely knowledgeable answers, often providing me with step-by-step solutions."

The Ease of Use

"With an extremely short learning curve, expert tech support, and support for numerous barcode formats; SmartCodeStudio is a very intelligent and cost-effective solution for our barcode needs."

Larry Konight
JDV Products Inc.