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TSP (Manufacturing and Distribution)

TSP (Manufacturing and Distribution)

The Customer

TSP is a leading distributor and manufacturer of office stationery products. A new customized software tracking application software is currently being developed to modernize and improve the efficiency of the company.

The Product

SmartCodeDeveloper - .Net Windows Forms Control for adding professional quality barcodes to appplications.

The Requirements

"Our company has extremely sensitive needs on the quality and scannability of the barcodes. We have tested with various components in the industry to be used in our manufacturing application. The only product that has met ALL our stringent needs is SmartCodeDeveloper."

The Advise

"I would advised companies to be selective when it comes to choosing barcode software or components. There are many software providers in the industry who do not understand the complexity of the auto-id industry well. They are building barcode components without much prior industry experience and deep understanding of the business involved."

The Recommendation

"Technoriver specializes in the auto-id industry. Their barcode products have been deployed and proven in many manufacturing plants, distribution centres, warehouses and fortune 500 companies around the world. Our rigorous testing of SmartCodeDeveloper confirms their product quality. Technoriver is who we can depend on for our business."

General Manager
TSP (Tai Seng Press)