TextCalc is a text editor and calculator combined based on the popular Windows Desktop TextCalc.

Android app on Google Play

The original version pioneered the concept of allowing users to use a text editor to perform mathematical calculations. This innovative concept caught the attention of millions of users and is well received by many educators and students around the world. The software also garnered numerous awards such as those from TechTV, Academic Excellence award (Light Span) and the coveted 5 Cows award from Tucows (Tukids category).

This app is developed by the Original Author from the ground up keeping the original flavor while adapting modern touch capabilities of mobile devices. The elegantly simple design offers the following advantages over a conventional calculator.

  1. You can evaluate expressions like 9*4-2+95-12 just the way you write them on paper.
  2. You can put comments besides your answer and expressions.
  3. You can save, reload, edit and share your results and expressions.
  4. You do not need to write your answer down on a paper before computing another expression, as you can leave the previous result in the editor.
  5. You can open an existing text data file and perform calculations on it.


For the Windows app, please check out TextCalc Windows