Barcode Symbology

Barcode is an automatic identification technology consisting of a series of parallel, adjacent bars and spaces. It allows real-time data to be collected accurately and rapidly.The combination of barcode with appropriate hardware and application software creates the potential for improving performance, productivity, and ultimately profitability.

The very early history of barcode concepts can be traced back to the very first patent issued to J.T. Kermode et al. in 1934. Retail applications drove the initial technological development of bar coding, but industrial trial applications soon followed.

The early success of U.P.C in US and Canadian supermarkets encouraged foreign, particularly European, interest in the system. This led to the adoption of the EAN (European Article Numbering) code and symbol in 1976.

The section below describes the different symbologies for both 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional barcodes.

Linear Barcode

2D Barcode

Circular Barcode